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As of October 9, 2018

Standing rules are administrative in nature and are published separately from NorCCRA Bylaws. They may be adopted by the Board of Directors at any called meeting of the Board, or by the general membership if not restricted by provisions of the Bylaws, at the Annual Meeting, with or without prior notice, by a majority vote of those present and voting. Standing Rules may be amended or deleted by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting if no previous notice of such intent has been given, or by a majority vote of those present and voting if notice has been given.

1.   Dues for membership in NorCCRA shall be of two classes, annual and lifetime. Dues for an annual membership shall entitle the member to all rights and privileges of membership as set forth in paragraphs (b) and (c) below. Lifetime membership dues shall entitle the member to all rights and privileges of membership for the remaining life of the member.
  1. The membership year shall be the calendar year. Payment of dues shall be at the rate in effect as of the date of payment and the appropriate membership or membership credit shall commence immediately. The date of payment for checks sent through the mail is defined as the postmark date for the transmission.
  2. Payment for a new annual membership received before October 1st of any calendar year shall entitle the owner to membership from the date of payment to the end of that calendar year. Payment for a new annual membership received on or after October 1st through December 31st shall entitle the owner to membership from the date of payment to the end of the following calendar year.
  3. Renewal of annual dues by anyone who is a current annual member shall be credited to the next following calendar year beyond any for which the member already has credit.
  4. The rate for annual memberships, whether new or renewals, is $12.00 per individual or $20.00 per couple. The rate for lifetime membership is $80.00 per individual or $135.00 per couple. These rates shall remain in effect unless or until changed by the Board of Directors.

2.   The income from life memberships shall be handled separately from any privileges that result from the membership and shall be treated uniformly regardless of the life span of the member making the original payment. The funds provided by the membership payment shall be pro-rated by NorCCRA’s Treasurer over a ten year period so that 1/10th of the life membership income is made available to the NorCCRA treasury for current use for each year beginning with the year of receipt and continuing for an additional nine years until the dues balance has been exhausted.

3.   Allocation to Regions. Membership dues shall be shared annually with the several regions of NorCCRA to assist each region in serving its own membership. The total amount available for this purpose shall consist of a sum of one dollar ($1.00) for each current and life member of NorCCRA in good standing at the start of the fiscal year. To prevent the build-up of unused reserves within the regions, the actual payment to each region shall be determined by subtracting the balance on hand in that region's treasury as of the record date, from the authorized total available for the region. Thereby, each region will start the fiscal year with its treasury replenished to the total authorized level. The date of record for accounting for membership, and allocating of dues, shall be September 30th of each year. The net allocations shall be distributed to region treasurers by November 15th of each year.

      The allocation to individual regions shall be determined in two parts. A fixed amount shall be authorized for the purpose of reimbursing expenses by the region that are relatively constant regardless of the size of the region. The amount of this fixed allocation shall be set by the Executive Committee at the start of each year. The balance of the total regional authorizations, after subtracting the fixed allocations, shall then be determined on the basis of membership. The amount of this variable allocation for each region shall be based upon the proportion of current and life members residing in that region relative to the total number of such members in NorCCRA. The total of the fixed and variable allocations shall be the amount available for payment to the region.

4.   A reimbursement for the cost of travel in a personal car incurred in the conduct of business on behalf of NorCCRA may be claimed by officers, members of the Board of Directors of NorCCRA, or designated alternates serving on behalf of a board member. A request for such reimbursement shall be submitted to the Treasurer of NorCCRA giving the name of the individual, the miles driven and the nature of the business undertaken. Requests for reimbursement other than for direct travel to and from a scheduled meeting must be approved by the president, or the region’s representative to the Executive Committee as appropriate. The mileage reimbursement shall be thirty cents (30¢) per mile based on the total number of miles driven in the course of the business for which reimbursement is claimed. The treasurer shall transmit all reimbursements directly to the individuals claiming such reimbursement.

5.   The Treasurer of NorCCRA will pay for reasonably priced meals for all those attending a Board of Directors meeting in an official capacity. This shall include: 1) state officers; 2) region members of the Executive Committee; 3) community representatives, co-representatives and alternates; and 4) chairpersons, or their designees, of standing committees. In addition, the Treasurer shall pay for any region officers and any guest invited to participate.

6.   Each year, the President, or an Alternate selected by the Executive Committee, shall be authorized to represent NorCCRA and attend the annual meeting of NaCCRA (National Continuing Care Residents Association) that is held in conjunction with LeadingAge. At the option of the Executive Committee, one or more additional members of NorCCRA may be authorized to accompany the principal representative. Reasonable expenses shall be reimbursed by the NorCCRA Treasurer.

7.   Standing Committees of NorCCRA as and when established by the Board of Directors shall have duties and responsibilities as described below.
   a. Legislative Committee.
  1. Monitor bills and activity of the North Carolina General Assembly to identify actions or activities with the potential to impact the lifestyle or finances of NorCCRA members.
  2. Advise the NorCCRA Board of Directors and Executive Committee of any such activity and assist them in developing an appropriate response and action by NorCCRA.
  3. Assist the NorCCRA Board of Directors and Executive Committee in the organization of the NorCCRA membership to take action in response to such activity.

8.   The Treasurer shall keep a record of all receipts and expenditures according to accepted accounting practices, preserving, for purposes of audit, all bank statements, deposit records and documentation of expenses. In the exercise of his or her duties, the Treasurer shall:
  1. Keep all cash and/or investment funds in bank accounts approved by the Executive Committee;
  2. Apportion and amortize membership dues income in accordance with provisions detailed elsewhere within these Standing Rules;
  3. Distribute Association funds to the Regional Treasurers in accordance with provisions detailed elsewhere within these Standing Rules;
  4. Pay all expenses by check as authorized by the budget or the Executive Committee. At the direction of the Executive Committee the Secretary shall certify to the bank the names of the Treasurer as the primary signer and the President as an alternate signer of checks.

9.   Advance notice of at least twenty (20) days shall be given for the date and location of a Board of Directors Meeting and notice of thirty (30) days shall be given for the Annual Meeting. A preliminary agenda for the business portion of the Annual Meeting shall be included in the notice for the meeting. If there be any request for an addition to the agenda before the start of the business meeting, a revised agenda may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of those members present and voting. Otherwise no new business not included in the agenda shall be considered for action during the meeting.

10. The President may appoint a Parliamentarian either for a continuing term or for specific occasions to advise and assist the President and Association members in the conduct of meetings and to serve as a consultant in the interpretation of NorCCRA Bylaws, Standing Rules and NorCCRA's Parliamentary Authority.

11. By virtue of its status as a corporation, NorCCRA must have an Agent registered with the North Carolina Department of State in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 55D, Article 4 of the North Carolina General Statutes. The Registered Agent's position has no tenure limits nor need he or she be a member of NorCCRA. When and as this is necessary the Executive Committee shall have the duty and power to appoint a new Agent. The Agent's sole corporate function is to forward to the Association any notice, process, or demand that is served on the organization. In addition, the Agent may be asked to advise and assist the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Officers of the Association in matters related to its corporate status.

12. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be conducted in the form of a telephone or internet conference. Such conference calls shall be conducted under the auspices of a professional hosting service to arrange the details of establishing connections. The following special rules of order shall apply:
  1. Each member of the conference call must be able to clearly hear and speak to all of the other members.
  2. Members must be able to get the attention of the presiding officer to ask for the privilege of the floor.
  3. Action by consensus (i.e. without dissent) shall be used whenever possible and especially for routine business.
  4. Any action requiring a vote shall be conducted by roll call.
  5. A written copy of minutes of the meeting shall be promptly transmitted after the meeting to all members of the Executive Committee by mail or electronic means.

13. Any intent to amend the Bylaws shall include a notice of this intent in the notice for the Annual Meeting. With the notice, the full text of the proposed amendment document shall be provided to all Community Representatives who shall make this available for reading by members of their community by whatever means is convenient to them. This text shall include the sections of the existing Bylaws proposed for change together with the amendments thereto.


I hereby certify that this document has been adopted in accordance with the provisions herein, and accurately states the Standing Rules of North Carolina Continuing Care Retirement Association.
/s/Wayne Campbell, President
October 14, 2018

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